Producers inspiration Sketch for photoshoot of 3 women with guns and chains as key art inspiration for movie


“Bitch Slap” Photoshoot

A kick-ass photoshoot featuring three gorgeous women, who batter, thump and pummel bad guys, and each other.
This grindhouse film doesn’t take itself seriously, but it did require serious photographic assets
to create powerful key art for the domestic and international campaigns – both print and digital.

We did a special shoot to capture the tone and hue of the film using Greenlight’s on-staff, Getty photographer, and photographed in-studio. We worked with Profoto lights and modifiers, along with a medium format camera. We shot the 3 main actresses in several wardrobe setups, and used one badass, murdered-out Kawasaki motorcycle.

BITCH SLAP key art photoshoot of


• The film achieved its domestic release via Freestyle.
• The key art campaign included a Threesome poster and 11 character posters.
• This guilty pleasure was screened at the Cannes Film Festival & Toronto’s Midnight Madness.
• Collateral materials were created for guerrilla marketing purposes.
• Greenlight created the film’s website for BITCH SLAP, which WON a W3 award.
• The Fox Home Entertainment packaging and ad campaign was designed by Greenlight.
• The images garnered industry accolades…
WINNER: Golden Trailer Award: Trashiest Poster,
GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Digital Photo Pro Magazine, for Camero’s photo.

Playful images two actresses from a photoshoot for the indie film BITCH SLAP

IFC listed BITCH SLAP #2 as one of the “10 Modern Day B Movies You Need to Watch”
Pop culture site highlighted the BITCH SLAP threesome poster as one of the “Hottest Movie Posters Ever,”
and notably listed it above the provocative posters: American Beauty, Secretary, and Blue Velvet.