A collection of corporate websites designed for Manhattan Beach Studios (MBS): MBS Equipment, MBS Media Campus, MBS3, MBS Group


6 Branded Websites

A family of sites – The Manhattan Beach Studios (MBS) Group is a real estate and management company with 35 worldwide locations made up of more than 240 sound stages in 9 states and 4 countries. The MBS Group portfolio includes: MBS3, MBS Equipment Company, MBS Media Campus, MBS Equipment, and Pinewood MBS Lighting. Each MBS company required its own online identity in order to distinguish its respective disciplines, all the while supporting The MBS Group brand presence in its entirety. Greenlight was brought in to create a new brand identity for the numerous websites and deploy expediency for continuous updates to their rapidly growing global company.

Website design for MBS Equipment
Website homepage for MBS3 shown on computer monitor


Branded color palettes and graphics offered each company the opportunity to showcase it’s own personality, while design maintained a thruline to preserve continuity between the sites. Greenlight enhanced the UX by incorporating imagery to help tell the story of the MBS brand, and we created programming that offers easy internal updates.

The MBS family of sites programming incorporated:

Javascript, Wordpress, Template Customization, Theme Creation, HTML5, CSS, PHP/MySQL, jQuery, Image Editing,
Responsive Design Video Editing, Data Scraping, Custom Content Import Automation,
Google Maps Customization, SEO, Social Media Optimization.

Website design for MBS Media Campus
Website design for The MBS Cafe
Website design for The MBS Group


Greenlight was also trusted to grow the marketing campaign to include creative for the MBS portfolio of companies. Print and digital marketing materials included: architectural & environmental photoshoots, sales materials: catalogues, brochures, architectural illustration, logo designs & collateral for 5 divisions, style guides, lobby graphics for multiple locations, and oversee printing. See a sampling below and throughout this site: